Steph Curry Breaking Ankles!! The BEST Point Guard In The World Official Mixtape!

Article by: Tim Coyne (Haightstreethardwood)

During a rare lull in the All-Star weekend’s festivities, an extremely animated Lebron James holds court in a New Orleans lobby with the other members of Miami’s most famous trio. The subject of the King James outburst, Stephen Curry stands blushing, a wide-eyed high school freshman invited to sit with the upperclassmen in the cafeteria, a fist balled over his mouth in a failed attempt to conceal excited giggles as as the two-time finals MVP gushes over his disassembling of Heat point guard Mario Chalmers during a spectacular 4th quarter performance when the two teams met just days earlier. While trying to play it cool Curry manages to respond with a nervous, “I try.” Leading to the biggest laugh of the conversation from both Wade and James who then get to the heart of what they’re trying to say all along. James mutters, “You more than try, you a bad Motha Fucka.” Wade reaffirms, “You a bad boy” The exchange is a minute long clip from an ESPN E60 feature following Curry on his first trip to the All-Star game, but may be the most important moment. The league’s premier stars telling him he belongs. Appointed by the King as one of his own…

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