Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Techniques and Moves

Learn the latest and best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Moves with Beyond Technique Instructional videos at
With this BJJ training program you will learn:
A simple principle to further improve your takedowns by 300 percent
A unique, three-point system which will turbo-charge your sweeps and in addition let you identify that will create sweeps of your respective own
A concept that could instantly make many within your jiu jitsu movements stronger and much more powerful, without resorting to additional strength training
An understanding which, when implemented for your game, can make it a great deal more a hardship on opponents to support you down
A defensive tactic that can make you much less expensive subject to both arm and leg-locks
An clues about breaking your opponent’s balance that can make less complicated to take him down from your ‘kneeling start’ position
A expansion within the well-known reasoning behind ‘posture’ that could dramatically get some new chance to have yourself from tough situations
simple trick that will disable your opponent’s leverage and render his attacks useless
A break-down in the mechanics behind the guard-pull and ways to defeat it
And much more.
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