Interactive Off Season Hockey Workout

The complete 16 week Hockey Off-Season program is expertly outlined for you personally. Learn more at All you need to do is go through the calendar day and perform workout. Each workout day was created with purpose and that means you progressively boost your hockey fitness each day because you move towards the start season. And every exercise features a video so that you see exactly how the exercises ought to be done. No more going to the gym without a plan. Get the most out of each of your off-season hockey workouts.
Innovative Training Methods
A Professional System
This could be the training system that numerous elite players are utilizing to enhance their game inside the off-season.
Optimized Training
Each exercise has a purpose and it is include inside the program to get a reason.
Prominent Gains Week after Week
Each week builds upon the next so that you can are continuously giving you better hockey fitness as you approach your upcoming season.
What’s in it to suit your needs?
Designed by Professionals
The program is the consequence of over 12 numerous years of Pro Hockey experience, a first-class fitness expert and hours of collaboration with Elite European and North American Professional players.
24/7 Program Access
At the fitness center, on the highway, or in your house, simply signing in and get access anytime to this program. It’s like having your own training on call round the clock.
Gains in places you demand it most
Hockey specific training means you are increasing the correct muscles had to excel for the ice.
Do the workout virtually anywhere.
All the exercises can be done at most standard training facilities. If you have usage of an exercise studio otherwise you use a free weight area, this can be done workout.

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